Site Features & Tools

The website provides several features and tools to make your browsing experience simple and effective.

Help Toolbar

The Help Toolbar is located at the top of your website screen and is accessible by simply clicking the '+' icon. The Help Toolbar then drops down to reveal our Help menu and a Feedback form for allowing users to email us feedback on the website and suggestions on how it can be improved.

Side Toolbar

The Side Toolbar located on the left of your screen contains our website widgets and social networking services share icons and links:

  • Facebook Tab - this tab reveals our recent posts on our facebook page, as well as your friends and fans who like us. Be sure to 'Like Us' and join the list.

Top Main Bar

The Top Main Bar is consistent on every page and provides the main navigational hub for browsing the website. It contains:

  • Secondary Menu Links - located at the top of the main bar
  • Search Website - provides a search button for search all of the website's content.
  • Browse Accomodations Window - this window provides a slideshow of snapshots of seven (7) randomly selected accommodations refreshed on every page navigation. The window also provides an alphabetical listing of the properties (deep blue bar) where users can browse accommodations alphabetically. Simply mouse-over a displayed number or letter to display your choice.
  • Search Accommodations Form - this Quick Search form allows you to search for accommodations based on location, category/ interest, property type and default amenities. It also provides a link to the Advanced Search Accommodations form.
  • Main Menu Links - provides a list of the primary website links with a drop-down menu of sub-links within that section.