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Things To Know

  • Water Tip

    The water in Barbados is safe to drink as it is filtered naturally through the coral limestone rock.

  • Electricity

    Barbados runs on 110 volts, 50 cycles and some European appliances might require adapters.

  • Taxes

    A 17.5% Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged at all stores and restaurants and 7.5% for hotel accommodation. There is a good selection of duty free shopping available on the island, especially in Bridgetown, but other locations can also be found on the south and west coasts.

  • Useful Numbers

    The Emergency Numbers are:

    • Police - 211
    • Fire - 311
    • Ambulance - 511

    Other Useful Numbers are:


    • Bayview Hospital - 246 436-5446
    • FMH Emergency Medical Clinic - 246 228-6120
    • Queen Elizabeth Hospital - 246 436-6450
    • Sandy Crest Medical Centre - 246 419-4911
    • The Sparman Clinic - 246 624-3278

    Barbados Tourism Authority Offices

    • Head Office : 246 467-3600
    • Airport : 246 428-5570/ 0937/ 7101
    • Cruiseport : 246 427-2623/ 426-1718/ 431-9033
  • Weather & Climate

    Barbados weather is mostly sunny and fair with warm days, cool winds and cozy nights. The prevailing cool northeast tradewinds blow steadily so that although it is bright and sunny, it is not unbearably hot.

    We have an average daytime high of 84 - 88oF or 29 - 31oC. The dry season in Barbados lasts from January to July. Tropical rainstorms sometimes occur in the hurricane season which runs from June to October.

  • Size & Location

    Barbados is 166 square miles measuring only 21 miles long and 14 miles wide. It is the eastern most Caribbean country with a population of approximately 275,000 people.

  • Barbados Airport

    The sole Barbados Airport is Grantley Adams International Airport (IATA Code: BGI), a modern Airport that has been awarded, on more than one occasion, the "Caribbean's Leading Airport" award at the prestigious World Travel Awards.

    The Barbados Airport is situated in the south-east of the island, approximately 13km (8 miles) from the capital city of Bridgetown, and also serves as a hub for the islands of the Eastern Caribbean.

  • Barbados Concorde

    Grantley Adams International Airport was once a destination for the British Airways Concorde, which flew to Barbados weekly during the winter season. The Concorde fleet has now been retired and Barbados is proud to be the home to one of these magnificent aircraft.

  • Dress Considerations

    Barbados is a tropical destination so be sure to bring applicable clothes. Bathing suits are best suited for the beach, beach bars and pools. Beach wear should also include sunglasses, sunblock and beach footwear.

    Be aware that nudism is against the law and hence there are no nude beaches in Barbados. Also, to dress in camouflage or carry items made with camouflage material is strictly prohibited for both adults and children.

  • Language

    English is the primary language spoken, although Bajan dialect (broken English) is widely used by locals.