Historic Garrison Night Tour
Event Date: 
Friday, August 5, 2016 -
17:45 to 20:00

The Garrison Historical Consortium presents Night Tours in the Garrison Historic Area.
This tour is a bit of a thriller and focuses on the macabre side of life in the Garrison.
Murders, executions, crimes and punishments!
The tour will also explain:
The Garrison Tunnels by night!
Details of the construction of the unfinished Garrison Fortress.
How ‘Graves End Beach’ got its name.
You will also experience several short dramas en route including:
The story of a West India Regiment soldier executed by firing squad at the Military Cemetery.
The unsolved John Hislop murder of 1809.

Be sure to wear comfortable, reliable shoes for the tour.

Come and be a part of history.
For further details, email info@barbadosgarrison.org.
Or call 233-1648 or 426-2421

Admission: Bds $30.00 (A); $20.00 c5-12
Venue: George Washington House, The Garrison, St. Michael